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Safety Corner



Safety Statistics December 2016

During the month of December we had a total of 2 injuries around the country with 1 of these being a Medically Treated Injury.

No. of Incidents LTI MTI
3 0 1

Over the last few months we have had a couple of incidents involving step ladders.  I have included some guidelines for the use of step ladders if you check out the Safety Page on Yammer.


As we are well and truly into our busy season, I ask that everyone make sure they take extra care with the jobs they are tasked to do making sure that they are completed in the safest way possible.

Ask for assistance if you need help to lift something heavy or awkward and if you notice someone else might need a hand, then ask if you can help.

Everyone’s aim should be to go home safely to their families at the end of each day.

I wish you all a very safe and Merry Christmas and look forward to providing you further safety updates in the New Year.

As usual, if you have any questions regarding any safety issue at your branch, please feel free to call or email me at

Remember…..always think Safety First.