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> Internal Newsletter > Santa Fe Employee of the Year Awards Luncheon

Santa Fe Employee of the Year Awards Luncheon


This month we were absolutely thrilled to announce the winner of the Santa Fe Employee of the Year Award at a special lunch held in Melbourne’s Docklands.

With an amazing array of incredibly worthy nominees, it was a task in itself to choose just one from the 16 winners of the monthly awards presented throughout 2016.


With all but two of our 2016 winners in attendance, we celebrated and recognised the talents of each of these individuals, before announcing Maddison Howe, from the Sydney Move Dynamics Team as our winner of the grand prize which includes a cheque for $2000, and the prestigious accolade of being crowned as our Santa Fe Employee of the Year for 2016.

Maddi was nominated for the month of November by Skye McDonald, after her extensive dedication, passion and enthusiasm for the Great Place to Work initiatives within the business.

“As the first member of the Great Place To Work team to take on the role of group leader, Maddi has helped to coordinate the GPTW Leaders and Ambassadors in achieving an outstanding response rate for the 2016 GPTW survey.

Maddi has created a suggestion wall, held several branch morning teas and BBQs, focus groups, set up a dedicated Blue Collar Kiosk and did everything possible to create a Great Place to Work in the Sydney Branch.


Maddi has acted as a brilliant support person to our GPTW Leads and has pushed the team to meet their deadlines while encouraging the other Leaders to challenge themselves and think out of the box.

Maddi has always gone out of her way to help and is fast to respond to any questions or concerns. Thank you for all of your help Maddi and for everything you have done to improve Sydney’s response rate which is outstanding in comparison to last year. Thank you Maddi!” 


All of our monthly award recipients for 2016 were invited to the special lunch at River’s Edge, including Simon Hargreaves (Perth), Kym Illicevs (Darwin), Mina Baggs (Perth), Cheryl Yap (Melbourne), Chelsea Smith (Perth), Jaime Wood (Melbourne), Neal Smith (Rockhampton), Kristie Magazinovic (Melbourne), Alvin Daniel (Sydney), Dylan Hui (Sydney), Kay Woodcock (Perth), Sharona Ungar (Melbourne), Simon Delmo (Melbourne), Maddison Howe (Sydney), Carol Bacon (Townsville), and Maria Oras (Melbourne).

From this group of 16, only two team members – Neal Smith, and Carol Bacon – were unable to attend, with the rest of the group relishing the chance to bond and congratulate each other for their hard work.

Well done everyone, your passion and dedication is an inspiration to us all, and we can’t wait to see who takes out the monthly awards for 2017.