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Santa Fe Exchange Program

In a few days’ time we will be welcoming two members of the team from our London office to join us in our Melbourne branch. Please make Louise and Sabina very welcome during their stay!


Louise Barnard (above left)

“Hi, my name is Louise and I have been working for Santa Fe for 3 years now, I worked in the Dublin office for a few months before joining the London team. I am a global move specialist and focus on private and corporate removals. All the moves I handle are quite varied, it may be a local move in London or a third country international move from USA to Russia…  I oversee the complete door to door move including arranging insurance and booking the freight too. I have been on the Events Committee for the last 18 months and thoroughly enjoy organising our Summer and Christmas parties for all the staff to enjoy, I have also participated in and helped arrange some fundraisers  since joining the London team. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, going shopping and going on holiday. I am very much a team player and look forward to spending some time in Melbourne, meeting new colleagues and helping as best as I can during the busy summer season. I am excited to see Australia for the first time and hope to make lots of fond memories whilst I am there.”

Sabina Jones (above right)

“Hi everyone, I am Sabina and I joined Santa Fe (Interdean as it was then) in 2000!! I have been with the company for 15 years! Wow.  I started working as a relocation coordinator, I have worked as a Global Move Specialist, and I was also a Client Services Manager on the BP account for around seven years, which was one of our largest accounts here in London at the time.  I am currently Implementation Manager for the UK, working hard to onboard our new clients, and also streamlining processes for existing clients, so that we can ‘Make it Easy’ as they say! I am very excited about coming to Melbourne as I love to travel and visit other countries, learning about other cultures in the process! I would love to visit Sydney whilst I am there and also do some wine tasting in one of your amazing wine regions. Outside of work I like to go to the gym, travel, go out with friends, drink cocktails, go shopping, skiing trips with my family, and I am also learning Spanish in my spare time. I look forward to meeting everyone and am excited about this amazing opportunity.”