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Santa Fe Faim 3.1 Accreditation


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We are excited to announce that our recent performance in the FAIM 3.1 Compliance Procedure has seen us awarded with FAIM 3.1 certification for all relevant Australia branches. The assessment which led to this certification is the toughest and most strenuous in the industry and we are very proud of these results.

The FIDI-FAIM certification programme has been operating for over a decade, and has been widely recognised as the supreme seal of quality in the international moving industry.

In response to growing market requirements in our industry, FIDI launched the FAIM 3.1 Standard in 2015 which is aligned with current industry market needs and industry regulatory requirements.

The programme runs with a 3 year on-site audit cycle, and assessment is conducted independently by a recognised quality assessor. The aim of this programme is for all companies within the industry to work towards a worldwide common standard, providing global consistency of quality and services.

The FAIM 3.1 certification is vital when it comes to our credibility and reputation as a global mobility services provider, and to receive recognition of this kind is a welcome reminder of the high levels of service we provide.