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Santa Fe Group Announces Live Global Mobility Web Portal

Global Mobility Survey logo

Global Mobility Survey Online Benchmarking

Do you know how your mobility program compares to other companies in your industry or region? Are you using the same IT applications, focusing on the same areas of compliance, and effectively managing costs? Well now Global Mobility and HR professionals can access an online Web Portal application allowing them to benchmark and analyse their mobility programs. The Global Mobility Survey is the largest and most robust survey of global mobility programs worldwide. The 2013 Survey includes data from HR departments and their employee mobility functions in over 1,200 companies in 70 countries across a range of industry sectors.

Identify Trends and Benchmark Your Programme

The portal data analysis tool offers users total freedom to analyse results from the 2013 Survey. If you are a Global Mobility or HR professional responsible for your company’s employee mobility program, you can now answer questions such as:

You can easily compare your program to those of companies with specific parameters and multiple variables, for example; pharmaceutical companies based in the US with more than 100 assignments per annum. And when you are ready to communicate your ideas, you can include screen shots of the graph results for presentations, articles, websites, blogs or documents when you reference

“The Web Portal takes the results of the Global Mobility Survey Report and brings them alive”said Mike Brazier, the survey’s Research Editor. “It gives its users the freedom to explore and investigate their own theories by drilling down further into the data to cross-compare results and identify trends that many would have not yet have considered in relation to their own programs.”

About the Global Mobility Survey

The survey results are collected from over 1,200 companies from across North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and the Pacific region and span a wide range of industry sectors. The survey is commissioned by Santa Fe Group and the research is conducted by ISO20252 accredited Circle Research. For further information and to request your free login details, visit:

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