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> Internal Newsletter > Santa Fe Strategy Update – With Tim Farren

Santa Fe Strategy Update – With Tim Farren


Following the T100 update from our global CEO and CFO in mid November, a number of Australian Leadership team members hosted several town hall meetings and presented a strategy update at several branches across Australia.

The town hall meetings detailed the global progress the group is making with the first stage of its five-year “2020 Strategy Plan”. It was pleasing to report positive profit results across the group for the last five quarters with growth in EMEA and Asia in particular.

The business in Australia, and across the world continues to fix its core Moving Services, building growth – enabling capabilities, and optimising a number of financial and operational processes. This process will continue to roll forward over 2016 as Santa Fe prepares itself for the second stage of our strategy in 2017 and 2018 when we will move to the “Next Level Growth”.

A significant part of the town hall meetings covered some of the progress in 2015 around a number of initiatives in the areas of Fixing the Core, Growing, RAMS and VIMS, development of Key Account Management concepts, and Improving Core Technologies.

Of particular interest to staff was the first update on our Great Place to Work survey, with full details for the Australian response due shortly with local managers, to enable action plans to be developed in response to what staff have been saying.

It was also informative to share some of the detail of our own plan for the period to the end of 2018 and how this Australian strategy supports the overall Group strategy.

Several challenging questions were raised in each location, and serve to provide clarity about areas where we still need to communicate more regularly an clearly with staff… so watch this space for further updates after each quarterly T100 update from Group.

If in the meantime you want further information, then do not hesitate to approach your manager with any questions you may have.