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Please consider protecting your furniture and personal belongings from accidental loss or damage. WridgWays makes moving home safer for you. We have a range of insurance solutions to choose from and you’ll enjoy competitive rates.

moving insurance

WridgWays boasts one of the lowest rates of damage and loss of customer possessions in the removals industry. Even with the best processes in place, at times unforeseen circumstances can occur which are beyond our control such as the weather, accidents and vibration. These unexpected events can be guarded against. Just as you need to protect your valuable possessions and property in your home, WridgWays recommends that you arrange insurance cover for your possessions during transit and any storage period. This will ensure peace of mind knowing there is complete protection against loss or damage to your household goods and personal effects.

Insurance for International Moving

Considering insurance when moving overseas can prove to be a little more complicated. You might be considering why you need cover? What sort of insurance you should get? Which companies cover international freight?

WridgWays can help you answer all these questions and more. We offer a range of insurance options at very competitive rates. Our staff will be happy to talk with you about the most appropriate cover for your situation. To help make it easy, we will supply you with a detailed contents list, which you can use to quickly value all the items that are being moved and/or stored. Or even ask your friendly moving consultant for a copy of our ‘Removal and Storage’ Insurance brochure where you will find the finer details outlined.

Download WridgWays Insurance Flyer

Download WridgWays Insurance Declaration Form – Method 1 – Specified Items

Download WridgWays Insurance Declaration Form – Method 2 – Volume

Download WridgWays Insurance FSG, PDS and Policy Wording