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Professional Packing

WridgWays are happy to do all or part of the carton packing for you; after all we are the packing experts. You will have peace of mind knowing that your personal effects are carefully protected using specialised packaging materials secured in purpose-designed cartons.

Our Complete Packing Service

Our experience, combined with our specialised packing materials, will provide the best possible protection to your precious belongings. Your highly trained, professional packer will arrive at a designated time with all the appropriate packing materials and get the job done efficiently, in a minimum of time. Our packing staff are experts in packing goods for transport, shipping and storage – leave the hard work to us!

Your accredited WridgWays removalists are fully-trained in the correct and safest packing methods to ensure minimal likelihood of damage.

Packing Cartons

WridgWays provides a variety of specially designed packing cartons and materials necessary to ensure maximum protection of your personal household items during removal.

Our variety of packing cartons are each designed with specific uses:

Standard Carton – The Stand Carton is a large general purpose carton often used for packing crockery, linen, glassware, clothing, etc. and is often referred to as a Tea Chest Carton as it is the same as the traditional sized chest. When packing glassware, crockery and other fragile items, our expert packers use strategic methods to minimise movement, maximise protection of every piece, and ultimately provide the perfect packing result.

Utility Carton – The Utility Carton is a small general purpose carton that can be used for food stuffs, bathroom items, tools, etc. Like the Standard Carton, specialised packing materials and care are used for fragile items.

Stereo/File Carton – This carton is specifically designed to safely carry your electrical items; ranging from DVD players to amplifiers. Once arriving at your new home your electricals will all be unpacked together and ready to use.

Book Carton – This carton is smaller in size, designed to accommodate carrying your heavier items including books and files. Allowing ‘just the right amount’ of books be packed, ensuring minimal weight and maximum space efficiency.

Art Pack Carton – Designed to safely transport your precious artwork. Paintings and prints will be safely wrapped and placed in our specifically designed art packs. No matter what size painting or artwork you wish to move, Wridgways will create a carton for it.

Port-A-Robe – Specifically designed to pack and store your clothing on hangers. The port-a-robe enables your removalist to directly remove the clothing in your wardrobe and place it onto a hanging rod in the carton. This means your clothes are kept organised, clean and ready to hang upon arrival in your new home.

Plasma Carton – This speciality carton is designed to safely transport your plasma, LCD or flat screen television. Leave the packing of these sensitive items to our professional packing team.

Travel Trunk – Better known as the International Travel Trunk. It was developed for International Relocations as it is the same internal measurements as a standard suitcase so your clothing can be flat packed directly inside the carton for efficient overseas transport! Your clothing will arrive neatly folded and ready to place in your new home.

Wridgways carton measurements have been outlined below to assist you further:

Standard Carton – 483 X 406 X 684 H
Utility Carton – 483 X 406 X 334 H
Stereo/File Carton – 598 X 406 X 246 H
Book Carton – 406 X 320 X 334 H
Art Pack Carton – 1014 X 75 X 762 H
Port-A-Robe – 592 X 478 X 1024 H
Travel Trunk – 640 X 400 X 340 H

If choosing to pack some items yourself, WridgWays will kindly provide you with complimentary recycled packing cartons and materials to assist you in getting organised for your upcoming move. This will also mean you are only utilising the safest, quality cartons when moving house. Simply ask your friendly moving consultant and they will arrange this for you.