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Staff Recognition


Congratulations to Kym Illicevs from our Darwin Branch who was chosen as our March 2016 First Class Service Award winner in the same month that he celebrated a phenomenal forty years working for Wridgways.

Kym was nominated by Narelle Trimble & John Meneguzzi.


Narelle said:

Kymbo is true reflection of an honourable and outstanding employee.  He joined the company when he was a teenager and now in his fifties the changes that he has seen throughout his career with us would be mind blowing. In the last few years we would beg our Adelaide office in October to let us have Kymbo over the busy.  He would get excited about coming to help us out, when he was here we never wanted to let him go.  This happened for a couple of years until we finally convinced him to stay.  Kymbo is an integral part of our Darwin team.  He is articulate and passionate in everything that he does.  Kymbo’s priority is to ensure that the our customers receive their personal effects in the same condition as we collected them.  Even in circumstance where we have received containers into Darwin or even if we have collected and our crew have loaded the container he always checks everything before it goes out or comes in.  He will re arrange the configuration at the doors if he can see a better way.

kym thumb 2

I regularly have clients that have unusual artworks or collectables that need special packing etc. and I speak with Kymbo and he comes up with a solution for me on the best way to pack and transport. His knowledge and experience are invaluable to me and the customers we move.  He is also passionate about the new younger removal crews that join us and they always spend time with Kymbo in the warehouse before going out to experience the world as on offsider. He teaches them the ways to fold blankets, paperwork checking and basic loading skills.  These guys a really grateful for his teachings.  If Kymbo is on leave or we send him away bush for a couple of the days we are holding onto every hour until he comes back.  At times we have 300 containers in the yard and you ask him if he knows where it is, he knows exactly when he put there and exactly what row it’s in, truly amazing! This shows to be that he truly passionately cares about how important his job is the company.  Kymbo is a true credit to our team


John said:

Kym is our Warehouse Supervisor and is the life and blood of our team, Kym takes pride in what he does and ensures that our crews are fully equipped each day so there is no time wasting in the mornings and the team here in Darwin appreciate Kym’s efforts. Kym has been with Wridgways for almost 40 years and is well known throughout our company and is 100% committed to our cause.


Kym is a symbol of all that is great about working for Santa Fe, and we congratulate him on an amazing forty years of service to the company. Kym received a $200 prize, certificate and pin to recognise his First Class Service Award, and the team took him out for a celebration dinner to recognise his time at Santa Fe. While Kym was chosen as the winner for the month, we encourage you to read about all the other deserving nominees at the bottom of this page.



Congratulations also to Sue Douglas who celebrated twenty years with Wridgways in March, and is pictured below with her manager Michael Derimboglou at the special morning tea that we held for her in Melbourne recently. Sue’s knowledge of the company, and enthusiasm for our business after all these years is truly inspirational, and her worth will be further recognised as she helps with our 125 year anniversary preparations in coming months.




Feb 2016 Nominations



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