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Staff Recognition

Congratulations to Jesse Gall from Melbourne Branch who won the First Class Service Award at the beginning of December and was nominated three times by Ron Paratene, Hannah Mustafa & Sinead Darcy.



Ron said:

Jesse has temporarily managed the Adelaide Export function since late September. His ability to look after the current Export role for Adelaide as well as maintain a high level of Customer Service for his Internal Sales role, saw him put in a lot of effort over the past few months. His willingness to assist the Intl area without hesitation has been duly noted by his peers. He is a credit to the company and we thank him for his time as we relinquish him from this temporary role and hand this over to the new replacement!

Hannah said:

I am nominating Jesse as he has shown outstanding ethics and integrity when it comes to accepting additional work and has done it all to an amazing standard without a word of complaint. He has stayed back and done many hours of overtime to ensure all work is completed to the same high level that is expected of Wridgways employees. Not only has Jesse been promoted to Internal Sales Consultant from the position of Export Coordinator back in March 2015, he has been consistently completing BOTH roles since then, and has even taken on Move Management for Exports in our Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart and Launceston branches. Jesse has not complained once about the additional work load which is not a part of his position description, and has helped out other employees when they requested help. All in all, Jesse is an outstanding employee and a true asset to Wridgways.

Sinead said:

During the difficult periods we have all faced and continue to deal with, I have not once heard Jesse Gall complain despite the increasing work load and responsibility he takes due to the staff decrease. No matter how busy he is, he will always make time to help and assist others and he does it with a positive attitude. I think it’s important to mention he works in a team full of girls which is not always easy however he has adjusted really well and even prefers to be called “Jessica” haha… all jokes aside i think Jesse is a real inspiration to our team, how he simply just gets on with the job even when the going is tough!

Congratulations Jesse on the $200 prize money as well as the certificate and badge with which you were presented.  Stay tuned to find out who has won the Inaugural First Class Service Award for 2016 with $2000 prize money and winners from across all of 2015 currently in the running.