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Secure storage

Convenient storage facilities for your belongings wherever you need them


Keep your belongings safe

It can be stressful moving vital items or cherished possessions. At WridgWays, we provide secure storage facilities across Australia and abroad for your peace of mind. Wherever you are moving, for however long, we will protect your valuable belongings.

  • Bigger savings compared to other storage companies
  • Premium packing materials
  • Highly secure facilities compliant with AFRA requirements
  • Superior insurance rates

Short term

Convenient short term storage solutions to make your life easier

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Long term

Quality long term storage solutions for the best peace of mind

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Why WridgWays

For more than 125 years we have helped Australians with packing and storage.

Moving services

Our packing and storage services will get you settled in the timeframe you choose.

Peace of mind

We care for your possessions in our storage facilities as if they were our own.

Customer care

Friendly expert support through the stress of moving is at the heart of everything we do.

Moving innovation

World-leading logistics technology ensures smooth, hassle-free and secure storage.

Storage solutions


Whether it is boxes of books, a plant collection or a grand piano, WridgWays is here to help with smaller moves. We provides mobile modules ideal for door to door moving and storage. We load or you can, and our expert team will collect, transport and store it too as part of our storage pickup service. You may also choose added extras from insurance to state-of-the-art packing materials. Whatever your needs, no matter how small, we have you covered. Because you and your belongings deserve only the best.


Need to store a lifetime of household memories? Have to protect important business assets? Look no further because our storage containers are perfect for when you need packing and storage services on a larger scale. We deliver then transport your container back to world-beating secure storage facilities through our storage pickup service. Our friendly staff can even box your goods if you choose. Plus you can select added extras from insurance to state-of-the-art packing materials for your complete comfort. Packing and storage has never been so easy.

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Australia-wide storage facilities

Our secure storage services are available nationwide.

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Frequently asked questions

How secure are your storage facilities?

Our ISO accredited storage facilities are completely safe and secure. They are even protected from fire and floods. Plus nobody apart from you and our staff can ever access your belongings.

How should I pack my things for storage?

Our trained team can do this as part of our storage pickup service. You can also pack your things yourself, making sure to use sturdy containers with protective materials.

What if my address changes?

We encourage you to update your details via email or phone. Our friendly staff are always available to help.

How and when do I move in my goods?

Once you have completed your booking a staff member will guide you through your choices. You can pack or drop off items or we can do it for you.

Are there any restricted items?

We are unable to provide secure storage for weapons, combustible or hazardous materials, perishable goods, living things and illegal items.

How long can I store my goods?

Some storage companies can be hard-nosed about storage timeframes but we are different at WridgWays. We will safeguard your goods in our storage facilities for as long as you need. At any time you can extend your storage period or retrieve your items.

How do I pay my bill?

After your initial booking, our team provides you with a direct debit authority to complete and return. We find this is the most convenient way for customers to ensure their account remains up to date. But if that isn't a good fit for you we provide a variety of other payment options.

What happens if my new home is not ready when it is time to move?

Sometimes your moving dates don't align. When this happens we can provide a secure storage facility to ensure the safe storage of your items until such time as your new home is ready. Speak to our team today about your storage options around Perth.

Can I help you pack up my items?

You are welcome to be as involved (or not) as you would like in your move. If you prefer to pack everything up and box it, ready for us to pack it all onto the truck then we can do that for you. If you are too busy or prefer for us to take care of the move for you, then that is what we can do. Our expert movers will be as hands-on (or hands-off!) as you like. We can pack everything, move it, and then unpack it all at the other end which means all you have to do is provide the keys to your new Kwinana home and we take care of the rest.