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Storage in Adelaide

Secure storage facilities in Adelaide

Let us handle your moving and storage in Adelaide

All too often, belongings are damaged in transit and storage by uncaring and unconcerned moving companies. Don't let that happen to your things. Choose WridgWays, a team that Australians have trusted for over a century. We can keep your possessions safe in transit, and in storage in Adelaide.

  • Affordable storage for Adelaide and its surrounds
  • Storage facilities that are AFRA-compliant
  • The option of comprehensive insurance
  • Maximum protection with top-rate packing materials

We have an Adelaide team of storage service specialists standing by

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Clear communication at every step of your move
Vehicles supplied for moving and storing in Adelaide
Many secure storage sites across Australia for your convenience

Secure storage in Adelaide

Short term storage in Adelaide

Whether relocating your home or business in Adelaide, sometimes you only require storage for a few days. At WridgWays, we offer short term storage in Adelaide to help with those transitional times. And just because it is short term storage doesn't mean it's second rate; our short term clients get the same excellent protections and safeguards that are available for those using long term storage.

Long term storage in Adelaide

In addition to short term storage, we can also provide storage in Adelaide on a long term basis. Whether you're moving home, business or office, we can store belongings of various sizes in our secure facilities. Not sure when you'll come back, or need to access your things again? Don't worry, because we can continue providing storage for an open and indefinite period of time.

Storage solutions


If you're planning a small move in Adelaide, let us assist with a mobile module. You can either pack your belongings yourself, or have our team come and do it for you. Our trained team can pack, pick up, and store and move your possessions, keeping your things safe in the best possible packaging material. Storing everything in a mobile module is an affordable and effective storage solution for many of our Adelaide clients.


For bigger moves, we can use storage containers to keep your belongings safe. We can deliver a container to your door and let you pack it — or, alternately, we can pack it for you. The container is then transported to our secure facility, where it is kept in storage. We can look after it for as long as you need.

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Generations of Adelaidians have turned to WridgWays for help moving. Find out why.

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Frequently asked questions

How long can you provide storage for in Adelaide?

We can provide storage in Adelaide for your belongings for practically any length of time. Whether you need long term storage in Adelaide stretching to a period of years, or just need short term storage as a stop gap solution for your Adelaide move, our team can help.

Is there anything you can't store or transport in South Australia?

We act in accordance with the rules for storing and transporting items as laid out by the various state and territory governments. South Australia, for example, has strict regulations for fresh produce that we abide by. Additionally, there are certain dangerous items that we are unable to store either short or long term in our facilities. For example, we are unable to store firearms, animals, explosives or illegal items like prohibited drugs.

Can you store my furniture in Adelaide?

Yes. We are able to provide furniture storage in Adelaide for both long and short term periods. Our facilities are secure, and our movers will take the utmost care to see it that your furniture is not damaged in transit.

Do you have secure Adelaide storage facilities?

Absolutely. Our storage facilities have been tested to protect your belongings from both the elements (like rain and hail) as well as from miscreants (thieves, robbers, arsonists, etc).

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