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Canberra storage

Removals and storage for Canberra and the ACT

Our trusted Canberra and the Australian Capital Territory removals and storage services

Canberra is known for many things, like politicians, public servants, roundabouts, and the cold. But Canberra should be known for at least one other thing, too: storage. Canberra based storage with WridgWays is secure, affordable, and overseen by professionals. Unlike the parliamentary deadlock, let WridgWays make your storage easy and efficient.

  • Your choice of insurance
  • Compliant facilities for keeping your things safe
  • Specialty packing materials for the ultimate in protection
  • Surprisingly affordable storage solutions

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Solutions that are flexible and able to suit your needs
Secure warehouses to protect your goods from the elements and nefarious persons
Convenient service to make your life as easy as possible

Removals and storage Canberra

Short term storage in Canberra

There are many reasons why people require short term storage in Canberra. Maybe you just need to store your belongings for a few days or weeks. Our team at WridgWays can help, finding a way to accomodate even the shortest storage stays at our secure facilities. Whether it's for a home, a business, or an office, we can provide terrific Canberra removals and storage.

Long term storage in Canberra

Long term storage might be for months, or even years at a time. Indeed, it is possible that when you put something into storage, you don't yourself know when you plan to pick it up again. Thankfully, we don't have a maximum time limit on storage at WridgWays in Canberra. We can look after your belongings for as long as you need.

Storage solutions


We offer several different storage solutions, for a more economical and tailored experience. If you've only got a few small things that you need removed and stored in Canberra, a mobile module might be the way to go. Our team can come to you, back your belongings in a mobile storage unit, and take them to our secure facility. Alternately, you can do the storage yourself. Whatever is easier for you.


For larger moves, we recommend using a storage container. Without leaving your home, we can have a container delivered directly to your door, and then transport it back to our secure storage centre. Want us to pack it for you? No trouble. Our qualified team of professionals will be all too happy to help.

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Why WridgWays?

Here are just some of the things that we think make WridgWays special.

Moving services

Our packing and storage services will get you settled in the timeframe you choose.

Peace of mind

We care for your possessions in our storage facilities as if they were our own.

Customer care

Friendly expert support through the stress of moving is at the heart of everything we do.

Moving innovation

World-leading logistics technology ensures smooth, hassle-free and secure storage.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you store my furniture in Canberra?

We certainly can. Furniture storage is one of our specialties, and we can see to it that your furnishings in Canberra are well looked after in our storage facilities.

Are there any items you can't store in Canberra?

We abide by legislation dictating what we can and can't store in our facilities. While we can store almost all items, we won't be able to store illegal goods, firearms, explosives, animals, or perishables.

Is there a time limit on how long you'll store things in Canberra?

No. We'll store your belongings for as long as you require our service.

Can you pack my things for me?

Yes. Our team consists of both storage experts and removals specialists. We can do more than store your things; we can move them, and package them with the utmost professionalism.

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