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Short term storage

Convenient short term storage solutions to make your life easier

Let us arrange temporary storage for you

Moving your possessions can be a difficult and taxing experience. Thankfully, WridgWays is here for you with Australia-wide secure storage facilities. No matter your circumstances, we can protect your possessions for as long or short a period of time as you need.

  • Impressing savings vs our competitors
  • Specialised packing materials
  • Secure AFRA-compliant facilities
  • Sensible insurance rates

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Short term
Storage facilities throughout Australia
A fleet of modern vehicles for moving and short term storage
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Our storage services

Short term storage

Arranging short term storage for you belongings can be frustratingly tricky. How do you know which storage company to select? Who is to be trusted? Fortunately, WridgWays is among this country's oldest, most trustworthy packing, moving and storage companies. We are proud of our business's world-leading technology, fortified storage locations and devotion to customer care. Whether you are relocating your home or shifting business address, you can count on our secure storage services. Make WridgWays your choice today.

Storage solutions


Innovative and convenient, WridgWays mobile modules let you store small volumes of items with maximum ease. Whether it's a spare piece of furniture, gardening supplies or clothes you just know will come back into fashion, these nifty modules will give you that touch of extra space you crave.   You can stock them yourself or have a WridgWays professional manage it for you. It's effortless either way, with insurance and special package materials available too. Contact WridgWays today to learn more about this superb storage option.


Want to store a lot of stuff without a lot of stress? You can't go past WridgWays storage containers. Custom-made, they are the best option for bigger storage demands, be it home contents or company office furniture. We can drop a container off to you then transfer it to your nearest WridgWays storage facility. Plus we'll even load the container for you, if you need. It's a piece of cake with WridgWays. Speak with us today about arranging a container for you.

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Why WridgWays?

We have helped Australian to pack and store their possession since 1892.

Moving services

Our packing and storage services will get you settled in the timeframe you choose.

Peace of mind

We care for your possessions in our storage facilities as if they were our own.

Customer care

Friendly expert support through the stress of moving is at the heart of everything we do.

Moving innovation

World-leading logistics technology ensures smooth, hassle-free and secure storage.

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Our team can help answer all your questions about short term storage.

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Frequently asked questions

How may I settle the bill for my short term storage?

Direct debit is the most straightforward way. Bills are handled out of mind, eliminating stress and the possibility of being overlooked. However, there are a range of payment options.

What if I need to extend my short term storage?

We are 100% flexible on your storage period. Simply get in touch and we can extend or shorten as you wish.

What goods can't you keep in short term storage?

For legal and common sense reasons, a small number of items cannot enter WridgWays storage facilities. These include firearms, explosive materials, perishable goods, animal species or anything illegal.

How long must I wait to use my short term storage?

Almost no time at all! Once you've booked, a customer care member will give you a bell letting you know how soon your goods can be stored. Goods can be self-delivered or professionally delivered by our staff - whichever you choose.

Could you tell me how I update my details?

Just reach out to our WridgWays customer service folks and they'll change any information that has changed.

What advice should I follow to best pack for storage?

Make sure you are storing things in sturdy containers, with appropriate padding. For the best packing, our trained storage specialists can get it done for you.

Do you insure my possessions?

Optional insurance is available as an add-on. Our rates are ultra-competitive and are determined by the volume of possessions you keep with us.

What is the level of security in your facilities?

Each and every one of our storage facilities are ISO-certified and meet the highest standards. Only you and necessary WridgWays professional have access to your possessions.

Helping you move to your destination

Move to any state in Australia

With 16 facilities all across Australia, WridgWays is the leading interstate removalist. We have the skills and resources to ensure your interstate move goes smoothly.