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Secure storage in Sydney

Storage services for the items you value most

Let us look after your moving and storage in Sydney

Our belongings are pivotal to who we are. Sometimes they hold sentimental value and recall happy memories. Other times they are important to our business and practical concerns. Either way, when the time comes to place our belongings in storage, even temporarily, it can be deeply stressful. Our team at WridgWays are secure storage Sydney specialists. We are here to help you move through tumultuous times.

  • Affordable storage in the Sydney area
  • Specially engineered packing materials for maximum protection
  • AFRA-compliant storage facilities
  • Comprehensive insurance on offer

Our storage services Sydney team are ready to assist you

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16 secure storage sites across Sydney and Australia
Transport vehicles to meet all needs for moving and storage in Sydney
Clear, regular communication at every point of the process

Our services

Short term storage in Sydney

It can feel taxing to try and arrange short term storage for your valuable possessions.  There are so many storage companies and so little time. Who can you trust? Thankfully, WridgWays is one of Sydney's oldest and most trusted packing and storage companies. With world-class technology and an unmatched commitment to customer care, our services are a cut above other storage companies. Whether you are shifting home or moving business, our secure storage facilities will cater to you. Choose WridgWays for the best temporary storage Sydney has to offer.

Long term storage in Sydney

Are you going on a round-the-world trip of a lifetime? Moving away for work temporarily? Just own too many books and can't stand the thought of giving them away? WridgWays has the answer. We offer the long term storage that Sydneysiders need. Our removal and storage Sydney team can store and protect your possessions from the elements and theft. Plus, if you want to reclaim your possessions sooner or prolong your storage period, we can arrange that, too. Call on WridgWays for the secure storage Sydney demands.

Storage solutions


Sometimes you only need to move and store a little. Here at WridgWays we offer storage services tailored to moving spare bikes and that lounge you just can't bear to part with. Our mobile modules let you store items yourself, or we can arrange for our expert specialists to do it while you put your feet up. Insurance and custom packing materials are optional additions as well. For superior service in all your secure storage Sydney needs, go for WridgWays.


WridgWays storage containers are custom-made for more extensive packing and storage services. If you are packing down a house or office, they are the ultimate in convenience. We are able to deliver and transfer your container to our cutting-edge storage Sydney facilities. If you are too busy to store your things personally, our friendly WridgWays experts will jump in and help. To round out our offering, we also provide competitive insurance along with premium cushioning materials for supreme protection of your possessions. Select WridgWays for any and all of your secure storage Sydney needs.

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Why WridgWays?

WridgWays has spent more than a century providing the removalists and storage Sydney relies on. You can depend on us, as generations have before.

Moving services

Our packing and storage services will get you settled in the timeframe you choose.

Peace of mind

We care for your possessions in our storage facilities as if they were our own.

Customer care

Friendly expert support through the stress of moving is at the heart of everything we do.

Moving innovation

World-leading logistics technology ensures smooth, hassle-free and secure storage.

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Touch base with our Sydney experts for specialist advice.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I make a payment?

The easiest way is to set up a direct debit. That way, bills are settled in the background, reducing stress and the chance they will be overlooked. But there are a number of flexible alternatives depending on your preference.

How long will you take care of my belongings?

Your storage period is completely up to you. Simply contact us and we will help you shorten or extend as you like.

What goods are not allowed in storage?

Our prohibited items list includes (but is not limited to) guns, explosives, perishables, animals and illegal goods.

How soon until I can use your storage?

As soon as your booking has been made, one of our team will be in touch to coordinate a time. Items may be self-delivered or our WridgWays specialists can help.

What if my address changes?

We advise you to contact our friendly staff via email or phone to upload the change in details.

Do you offer furniture removals and storage in Sydney?

Yes we do. Our Sydney furniture removalists and storage team can organise everything your move demands.

What is the best way to pack for storage?

We recommend our storage pickup service for the best results. Our trained storage specialists will pack down your possessions using high-quality packing materials. You can also do this yourself, taking care to employ padding and solid containers.

Are my possessions insured?

Insurance is available depending on the volume of items you hold in WridgWays storage facilities.

How secure and safe are your facilities?

Our Sydney facilities are totally safe and secure, and are accredited according to the highest standards. Only you and select staff may gain entry to your storage.

Helping you move to your destination

Move to any state in Australia

With 16 facilities all across Australia, WridgWays is the leading interstate removalist. We have the skills and resources to ensure your interstate move goes smoothly.