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Swiss Customs Update: Paintings, Sculptures & Works of Art

Relocating to Switzerland? Fine art lovers take note; Swiss Customs are getting tougher towards importing paintings, sculptures, statues and any work of art into Switzerland.

Picture being wrapped and packed for removal If you have decided that you just can’t live without that favourite painting, or sculpture for the lounge-room, it is important that your international removal company is aware that you plan to import art and whether the piece is classified as fine art or not.

In regard to paintings, whether it is considered fine art or not, your moving consultant will need to know the following about each painting:

Swiss customers will also need to know if your art items (paintings, statues etc.) are subject to any export license from your country of residence. Further, a purchasing invoice will need to be presented in most cases.

This will be made easy by your moving company. Relevant documentation will be presented and explained to you by your international moving consultant. For further information speak to a Wridgways moving consultant today on 1800 225 916.