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3 Ways Valet Services Will Make Your Move Stress-Free

The most pain-staking task when moving house is the time and effort that it requires to pack up your household items and have them ready to be moved to your new home. From ensuring that you’ve packed fragile items with materials to minimise damage, to making sure that the box you’ve packed isn’t too heavy, there are numerous factors to consider along the way. This is where a WridgWays valet service can save you time that can be spent doing more enjoyable things like furniture shopping for your new home or getting the family together to decide where everyone wants to explore in your new area.

Here are three ways valet services will make your move far easier:Amanda Unpacking Bowls

  1. Packing – Your dedicated WridgWays valet lady will come to your home and carefully pack all of your precious belongings so that they’re ready to be moved, including the use of specialised protective materials for any fragile items that you may have. They will also ensure that your boxes are of a safe weight for lifting and transportation.
  2. Cleaning – Your professional valet member can then clean your home completely, so that it is ready for the next family to move in and/or any inspections as arranged by your real estate agent. Upon arrival at your new destination, your valet services team can also give your new home a thorough clean prior to unpacking your furniture and household items, ensuring it’s nice clean and fresh for you to move into.
  3. Placement & Unpacking – Organising your new home to suit your families’ needs and preferences can be a demanding task. Our valet ladies do this for a living and have extensive experience in ensuring the set-up of your new home is just perfect for your family. From placement of furniture, to the setting up of your bedrooms, office, bathrooms and kitchen in the most efficient manner possible, you can kick back and relax while having someone else do all of the hard work for you.


Achieve the Most Organised Kitchen in Your New Home!

Valet unpack ladyPacking and unpacking your kitchen is often one of the most dreaded tasks when moving house. After making sure you haven’t left anything behind, then to organise the kitchen upon arrival at your new place, there are many things you can do in between to make the process not only less-stressful, but achieve the most beautifully organised kitchen as possible.

We’ve listed some tips below to make the transition to your new kitchen an easy and gratifying project:

The Clear-Out/Packing Stage:

  1. Clean out all cupboards and drawers – Start by setting up boxes for things that are either travelling to your new place, being donated to charity or going in the bin; whether that is recycling, compost or general waste. Follow this up by going through your food items, appliances and storage containers – have you used this item in the last 6 months? Are you likely to use it in the next 6 months? If not take it out of the “moving” pile, and put it into the “donate to charity” pile. This should minimise the contents you will be moving to your new home already.
  1. Wrap crockery and breakables carefully – Bubble wrap is great to utilise if you’ve got some, if not, cardboard dividers in conjunction with towels will do just fine. For extra protection, contact a professional moving company that offer a packing service – they provide all of the packing materials and do the hard (and delicate) work for you. If you are moving with Wridgways and have elected to pack yourself, we will happily provide you with recycled packing cartons and wrapping materials free of charge! After all, we want to make the moving process as easy and safe as possible for you.


Moving House in Summer Down Under

family sitting in hammockMoving house can be a stressful experience at any time of the year, but moving to your new home in hot or changing conditions can be harder than anticipated. Summer in Australia can bring with it blistering temperatures, dry winds and  humid showers – being prepared for all conditions is the key to an easy and stress-free move.

To make your move easier we’ve provided the following tips for moving in the Australian summer months:


Make Kalgoorlie Your Next Home!

Wondering where to make your next home in Australia? Make it Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

Kalgoorlie townThose within the mining sector have been attracted to the growing town for many years, particularly recently as a result of the mining boom. With a rapidly-growing population of over 35,000, Kalgoorlie is now one of the largest and most diverse tourism regions in WA, and is cementing itself as an up-and-coming business powerhouse of regional WA. Located just 600km east of Perth, it’s only a 45 minute flight from the state capital and easily accessible by road and train. The central business district of Kalgoorlie is predominantly structured around Hannan Street, with many of the main retail chains, banks, restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions intermingling with business buildings and the like.

We’ve provided more information on Kalgoorlie and all it has to offer below:

The best places to hang out

Kalgoorlie features an extensive list of well-known pubs and restaurants in the region, with those such as the famous Broken Hill, Miner’s Rest, Kalgoorlie, Palace, Piccadilly, and Recreation Hotel’s. A great way to socialise and meet new people in Kalgoorlie is to join a sports team. The town boasts a plentiful array of sporting competitions, with great levels of participation in those such as netball, AFL, basketball, NRL, tennis, hockey, soccer and cricket. The large recreation centre features in-door and out-door sporting courts, swimming pools, a gym, as well as water slides and a wave-rider for surfing enthusiasts. Other local attractions include the Kalgoorlie Golf
Course and the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Racecourse. The racecourse draws a large crowd for those wanting to have a good day out while trying their luck at a win or two. Local museum, gallery and national park tours are rich in Kalgoorlie history and provide a great insight into the character of such a wonderful town. (more…)