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> News & Tips > Taking Care of Home Improvements before a Big Move

Taking Care of Home Improvements before a Big Move

Moving house often comes with a long to-do list, but preparing for a big move can prove to be the best time to pull out those unused tools and complete some all-important home renovations. Whether you’re looking to sell your house, rent it out, or leave it temporarily unoccupied, it’s important to leave it in great shape. You might have already been asked to do this as part of your sale contract or lease agreement. Not only will the value of your home increase but a fresh new feel will attract much interest.

The most important renovations to complete before the big move include:tool belt to removate house

Kitchen Renovations – Giving your kitchen a much needed makeover will not only increase your home’s value but add a fresh, updated feel. It’s no secret that buyers and renters tend to be impressed by updated kitchens. Consider refinishing the kitchen cabinets, changing the stove and appliances or replacing the kitchen counter can make a world of difference. Every change helps! A few simple changes like this to your kitchen will help to make it much more attractive, as well as more valuable.

Landscaping – What is the current state of your garden? If it’s covered with leaves, full of dead branches or overgrowing it might be time to call in a professional landscaper. If you feel up to it break out the lawn mower, hedge trimmers and whipper snipper yourself. Trim that grass, remove the dead leaves, and trim those hedges right back! Leave your lawn and yard looking clean and presentable and you’ll have interested buyers or renters in no time! The garden provides a first impression of your home. If your garden is well kept, this suggests to buyers or renters that your home will be well kept too!

New Paint – New paint can do wonders for a home, especially when chosen well. Bright whites and creams with that contemporary look will transform a home. A cleaner feel will be immediately evident throughout.

Lighting fixtures – Now is a good time to inspect your light fixtures. Spot any damaged or cracked fixtures? Remove and replace these. If you decide to update just a few of your interior light fixtures, this can help to quickly bring a modern appeal to your home.

Garage or Basement Touch Ups – If like many of us, you have been storing items in your garage or basement, it is very easy to miss problems in these areas. Things like cracks or leaks can go easily undetected. Allow yourself plenty of time to empty your garage, and get rid of anything you don’t really need. Dedicate a day for a thorough clean, checking to see if there is any damage that requires your attention. Cracks in the foundation or garage windows and leaks in the roof will need to be fixed before the big moving day.

Keeping the water out – If you know that your home will be sitting empty for a few weeks or even months, it will be important to make sure no rain or harsh sun is getting into the home. While you’re away draw the blinds or curtains to protect the interior from the harsh sun which can fade carpets. Repair any damaged doors or window frames. Keeping the weather out will help preserve your house in good shape.

Wridgways can take care of the big moving day for you. Call us today on 1800 225 916 and speak with one of our friendly Wridgways moving consultants.