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Things To Do Hobart: Visit These Places

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There is much beauty to be seen in Hobart and its surrounds, no matter which time of year you are planning your trip or move. If you’re looking for things to do in Hobart, you won’t be disappointed with the selection of activities, adventures, and foodie delights.

Hobart is the second oldest city in Australia and home to Port Arthur and, on the other scale, exquisite cold-climate wineries.

Moving to Hobart will provide you with endless outdoor activities and landscapes to visit, as well as a different pace and lifestyle.

Start planning out your spare time and weekends with some of these exciting things to do in Hobart.


Tasmanian Highlights: Things To Do Hobart

Before you visit or move to this temperate, green city, be sure to compile and prioritise a list of things to do.


Munch on some Market Fare

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Besides from picturesque landscapes and delectable Pinot Noir, Tasmania is well-known for its fresh, organic produce.

Whether you’re after a casual breakfast, lunch,  or dinner, you will be able to find something absolutely scrumptious at one of Hobart’s markets.

It’s not only food on offer. These markets also offer handmade goods, jewellery, and live entertainment.

Once the weekend strikes, tread down to one of these Hobart markets.


Street Eats Franko

Every Friday evening in summer, between 5:00 – 9:00 pm, Hobart’s Franklin Square becomes a buzzing bazaar.

This event showcases artisan delights from local producers, as well as craft beverages and menu offerings. Street Eats will also treat you and the family to performances, light shows, and roving artists.

If you’re looking for things to do in Hobart with the family between December and April, Street Eats is a must.

Salamanca Market

Nestled in Salamanca Place, banked along Hobart’s historic buildings and waterfront, is Tasmania’s most iconic market.

Love by tourists and locals, Salamanca Market features an eclectic mix of over 300 stalls.

Head down for a delicious breakfast and then discover the array of unique jewellery, Tasmanian handcrafted timbers, clothing, fresh flowers, and vintage collectables.

Operating every Saturday, throughout the year, the market provides a great opportunity to meet locals and discover the city of Hobart.

You’ll be quick to tick Salamanca Market off your ‘thing to do in Hobart’ list.


Tasmania’s Farm Gate Market

Come Sunday, Hobart is host to one of Australia’s best farmers markets. All year round, rain,  hail, or shine, this Sunday market will persevere to showcase the produce of farmers from across Tasmania.

The market’s mission is simple: ‘…If you couldn’t eat it, drink it, grow it or meet the producer, then you won’t find it at the market.’

The Farm Gate Market encourages locals to connect with their producer, farmers, and seasonal produce.

Open every Sunday from 8:30 am, at the market, you will discover:

  • Artisan foods and menus.
  • Heirloom fruit and vegetable stalls.
  • Fresh seafood, caught locally in the bay.
  • Homemade jams, sauces, and mustards.
  • Sourdough bread, cakes and sweets, and fresh-made doughnuts.  
  • Locally roasted coffee and hand-blended teas.
  • Olive oil and boutique, single-estate cold climate wines.

If you’re moving to Hobart, this is a market to venture to on more than one occasion. It’s hard to resist the array of colourful produce that comes in throughout the year.


Treat Your Soul at Rektango

things to do hobart rektangoImage:

If you’re moving to Hobart and looking for things to do as a budding resident, then there is no better way to mix with the locals than Rektango.

This a weekly and free event occurs every Friday evening between 5:30 – 7:30 pm in The Courtyard at Salamanca.

This weekly event pulls in people from all walks of life, with local live bands entertaining the crowds with alternative, funk, soul, and reggae and blues.

Tucked just behind the Peacock Theatre, this free and weekly event pulls in large crowds and exudes a relaxed, chilled-out vibe.

It’s a great way to end the working week with friends, colleagues, or the family.


Venture to Vivid Art Galleries

things to do hobartImage:

When it comes to things to do in Hobart, adding at least one art gallery to your list is non-negotiable.

Whether you’re visiting for the weekend or planning a move to Hobart, you will be enchanted by the diverse art galleries offered by the city.


Museum of Old and New Art (MONA)

The crux of the contemporary art scene in Tasmania is Hobart’s Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). As a thriving, cultural habitat, this landmark draws interest from international art enthusiasts.

MONA aims to redefine the borders of an art gallery and is viewed as a “cultural venue”, which adheres ‘to the tastes and expectations of the local population.’

This cultural hub also features a cinema, restaurants, cafes, bars, and tours. As well as these foodie favourites, MONA puts on alluring live entertainment, festivals, and shows.

Other art galleries to visit in Hobart include:

  • Colville Street Art Gallery
  • Contemporary Art Tasmania
  • Salamanca Arts Centre
  • Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery


Breath of Fresh Air: Bruny Island

bruny island things to do hobart

Bruny Island offers the perfect escape or getaway for locals wanting a break from the daily grind.

If you’re planning a trip and looking for things to do in Hobart, taking a day or two to explore Bruny Island is well worth the drive and ferry over from Hobart.

Bruny Island is located south-east of Hobart, across the D’Entrecasteaux Channel. With its small population, the island offers accommodation, dining, attractions and activities.


Getting to Bruny Island

If you’re travelling to Bruny Island from Hobart CBD, you will need to drive 30-minutes south to Kettering, where you will board the Bruny Island Ferry – Mirambeena. Once you’re on board, it will be a short 15-minute journey to the Island.

Just note that during peak season, there will most likely be delays boarding the ferry and getting to the island.


Things to do on Bruny Island

Bruny Island is a place for those who enjoy the outdoors and who are food lovers at heart. When you visit, make sure to check out some of the following places:

  • Cape Bruny Lighthouse
  • The Neck Lookout
  • Fluted cap Trail
  • Bligh Museum of Pacific Exploration
  • The Point Gallery
  • Bruny Island Premium Wines
  • Adventure Bay


Go Aurora Chasing Down South

aurora australis things to do hobart

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, illuminate the Northern hemisphere with dramatic washes of light.

But did you know that this impressive natural wonder can also be viewed from the Southern Hemisphere? Moreover, Hobart and its surrounds boast the best viewpoints in Australia.

If you’re a stargazer with an eye on the sky, you will be in tune with the Aurora Australis phenomenon.

The Aurora Australis, or Southern Lights, is a light show caused by a collision of electrically-charged particles from the sun and planetary gasses, such as oxygen and nitrogen.

The result of these elements meeting is truly spectacular. A stunning dance of lights that can easily be described as a magical event.

So, how do you catch a glimpse of the Southern Lights? The first step is to put this on your list of things to do in Hobart and be committed to the chase.


Tips for viewing the Aurora Australis

  • Avoid mountainous locations, as these figures can obstruct the view.
  • Avoid heavily populated areas, as light pollution will dilute viewing.
  • Choose a location the looks to the south, away from city lights.
  • Plan ahead and monitor the weather to choose a clear night, as clouds will filter the view of the Lights.
  • Be patient and plan a few days of stargazing to allow yourself the most opportunity.
  • Plan to view the Aurora Australis between May and September, when there are fewer hours of daylight.

If you’re visiting or moving and looking for things to do in Hobart, you need to put this natural wonder on your radar.


These are the best locations for viewing the Aurora Australis near Hobart:

  • Southport Lagoon Conservation Area: Approximately 108 km from Hobart, this deep-south location offers camping facilities and a full horizon view.
  • Hope Beach, South Arm: This location is only 37 km from Hobart and offers an uninterrupted view of the Lights with little to no light pollution from Hobart city.
  • Bruny Lighthouse: As well as lush, sprawling land, Bruny Island’s most southern spot offers high cliff views of the Lights. Just be prepared to travel to this location as it is 98 km from Hobart and involves both car and ferry transportation.


Planning a trip or move to Tasmania will face you with an endless list of things to in Hobart. From colourful and seasonal markets to contemporary, cutting-edge art galleries – the selection is vast.

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