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> Moving To Australia > Top Tips for Managing the Cost of Living in Sydney

Top Tips for Managing the Cost of Living in Sydney

Sydney panoramic view at night

Sydney has one of the highest standards of living in the world; offering a superb climate, a unique and beautiful environment and a well-developed society. But, we are sure many of you have heard that living in Sydney is expensive, and this is somewhat true, but don’t worry you won’t be scrapping your pockets for those last few cents. Living in Sydney can be a financially viable option, as long as you are smart and plan ahead.

Follow these tips and you will find yourself moving to Sydney and living the superb city / beach Sydney lifestyle comfortably:

For a one bedroom apartment located in the heart of Sydney, you can expect to be spending $450 to $550 AUD a week. Two bedroom apartments will start at approx. $650 AUD a week as a minimum. Of course, as you move out of the city centre this cost will reduce.

Remember to factor in additional expenses such as your bond, or deposit for your apartment, that is usually equal to one month’s rent or more and removalist costs. The bulk of your cost of living will go towards rental payments. If you’re working on a budget keep this in mind well ahead of time.

As is with most cities, housing located close to the beach or centrally located areas are going to be more expensive than some places more out-of-the-way. Suburbs like Neutral Bay and the Lower North Shore are less expensive options to consider and really not that much further from the city.

Expect your max budgeted price prior to arriving in Sydney to change. You mind find yourself adjusting your budget so that an extra $100 goes toward rent each month; this is common for many expats. But higher wages mean that in many cases, Australians, and you, can afford to pay the higher prices.

Sydney is a foodie’s dream. This might surprise some as when one thinks of travel and food the first destinations that to come to mind are usually Paris and Rome, but don’t let Sydney’s laid back beach culture deceive you.

Before you delve in to the list of restaurants, there are a few things you need to be aware of. First off, Sydney restaurants tend to be more expensive than other cities. For example, a glass of Coke will cost at least $3.00 AUD. A meal for two at a mid- range restaurant will set you back approx. $80 AUD inclusive of drinks.

There are three major forms of public transport in Sydney. The trains and buses are more frequently used modes of public transport. The ferry system is not as common but a great way to see the harbor. A multi weekly pass can be purchased for $41. This includes unlimited travel on trains, buses and ferries within Zone 1 of Sydney’s public transportation. For trips outside of Sydney’s centre you will be paying a little extra.

Sydney Australian is considered one of the most popular destinations for world class living. The moderately high cost of living in Sydney is justified by exceptional quality of life and higher income you will generally receive. Studies have shown that Sydney is cheaper when compared with cities like New York, Paris, London and Singapore.

A little bit of early planning will go a long way towards ensuing you can live comfortably in your city.

If you would like more information about moving to Sydney, please contact your friendly Wridgways movin consultants today on 1800 225 916.