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When Honey’s Not So Sweet!

Thinking of packing and moving your yummy jars of honey across to your new home in Western Australia? Stop and think again! You might not be too pleased when a Quarantine Inspector confiscates your delicious jars upon arrival into W.A. There are a number of reasons why the sweet treat simply cannot travel to this sunny state:

  • Some hives in other parts of Australia are infected with European Foulbrood Disease which kills our bees! The disease could reach Western Australia as spores lurk in untreated honey.
  • Although these spores won’t hurt you, the bees could take these back to their hives, spreading the disease to their friends.
  • The disease can spread from hive to hive, so it wouldn’t just be our delicious honey that would be affected; many plants rely on our buzzing bees to pollinate their flowers. Hives would then need to be treated to keep our little workers going!

A jar of honeyYou can of course bring honey into Western Australia, but you will need to ensure it has been treated and you have obtained a certificate from a relevant Quarantine authority as proof.

So next time you’re travelling or moving to Western Australia, remember to bin, donate or declare your jar of honey! Consider the health of our buzzing bees.

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