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Your Guide to Moving to Melbourne

Moving to Melbourne for work costs and relocation tips

What to do When You’re Moving to Melbourne

When you’re moving to Melbourne, there’s a lot you need to think about. Moving to a new city can be a big change if you don’t know anyone. If you’re not sure where to start, then you’ve come to the right place! At WridgWays, we will ensure your move runs smoothly from start to finish.

This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about moving to Melbourne alone.

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Where to live

If you’re moving to Melbourne, then you probably want to find a home close to your new job. Melbourne is a large city, and if you’re not sure where to move to, you may end up a long way from your workplace. It’s important to find the right location for your new home that suits your lifestyle.

  • If you’re looking to live close to the city then expect to pay more for it. Inner city suburbs are expensive to live in, but you will have the advantage of being able to get around with ease.
  • The further out you live, the longer you will have to travel into the city. There are many options for public transport in Melbourne so no matter where you live you can still commute with ease.

What to look out for when you’re renting

moving to Melbourne for work

It isn’t always easy finding somewhere to rent in a new city. When you’re moving to Melbourne alone you’ll need to find somewhere that best suits your needs. Rental prices can be quite expensive in Melbourne so it can be hard to find the ideal home.

  • You can find lots of property websites online that will allow you to compare housing prices. If you’re looking to find house mates then you can find these online as well.
  • Do a thorough inspection of any homes you are interested in before you lock anything down. You don’t want to find any nasty surprises when you move in.

How to approach renting

The decision to rent or buy a new home will depend on how long you plan to stay. If you’re unsure whether it will stick, you may want to be more cautious. Finding the right home for you may take time and it’s not something you want to rush into.

Once you find the perfect place to rent, you’ll need to work out if you want a long-term or short-term lease.

  • Some property managers won’t give you a choice, but if you’re not sure how long you’re staying, a short lease may be better.
  • This will also give you the flexibility to find somewhere else if it doesn’t work out.

Things to do

Melbourne is the cultural heart of Australia and is renowned for its great arts scene. You’ll find a range of activities to enjoy all year round here.

  • If you enjoy shopping then you can visit Chadstone, the largest shopping centre in Australia.
  • There are plenty of great art venues in the city including galleries, street art, and much more.

The nightlife in Melbourne is also thriving and you’ll find lots of great hot spots to hang out. Melbourne is famous for its great coffee and great food, so what better way to spend your time then in one of the laneways with some friends? You can rest assured that you’ll never get bored living in Melbourne.

How to make friends

Moving to Melbourne alone means that you won’t have many contacts when you arrive. It’s important to make new friends to help you settle into your new environment. This isn’t always easy when you’re alone, but there are several easy ways you can meet new people.

  • If you’re comfortable using technology then you may be able to find friends through your phone.
  • There are lots of apps available that allow you to meet new people, such as MeetUps or Nabo.
  • Joining a sports team or volunteering at your local community garden can help you find new friends.

Getting professional movers

moving to melbourne alone

While it can be scary moving to a new city, with the help of professional movers, it doesn’t have to be. WridgWays are pioneers in the removals industry, with over 125 years’ experience. Our expert removalists and relocation consultants will be there every step of the way to help you move.

You can rest assured that your move will be in safe hands with WridgWays. Moving to Melbourne will be stress-free with WridgWays as your removalists. Let us take the hassle out of your next move with our range of moving services.

Planning on moving to Melbourne alone? Let WridgWays help you.