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Your Guide to Public Transport in Brisbane

public transport in brisbane

Everything you need to know about Brisbane public transport

Public transport is an affordable and efficient way to travel around Brisbane. The city has so many options to choose from you’ll find it easy to commute to and from work and check out exciting new places to eat.

When you’re new in Brisbane, though, it can be hard to work out how public transport works, so this guide will give you an overview of everything you’ll need to know.

Moving to a new city can be stressful, and you’ll have more important things on your mind than public transport. 

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What’s available

Public transport Brisbane

Public transport in Brisbane is made up of buses, trains, and ferries. These options cover a large area and allow you to easily travel to wherever you need to go within Brisbane.


There are eleven train lines running in Brisbane which service the north and south. These trains run regularly throughout the day and are the fastest way of commuting to and from work.


The buses in Brisbane travel either on the roads or on the busway. This is a separate road which allows the buses to travel around the CBD and surrounding suburbs.


Ferries operate in the inner-city and allow people to easily travel to and from the CBD without the hassle of traffic. The ferries will take you all the way from the University of Queensland out to Hamilton.

What to use

Brisbane public transport is easy to use and have different purposes, depending on where you need to go. Trains are useful when travelling over long distances, as they are fast and efficient. If you need to get to locations that aren’t serviced by trains, then buses are your best bet.

Ferries are useful to use if you’re hoping to explore all the main hot spots in the Brisbane CBD. You can get from the University of Queensland campus all the way into the city and around to Eagle Street Pier. They are great for avoiding traffic if you need to get around the city.

How to use it

Brisbane transport

The best way to use public transport in Brisbane is with a Go Card. This public transport card allows you to travel seamlessly around Brisbane on all methods of public transport. All you need to do is touch on at the beginning of your journey and touch off at the end. You can even top them up online or set up an automatic top up for whenever your balance falls below a certain amount.

You can still choose to buy paper tickets, but these are more expensive and not as convenient. If you want to buy a Go Card you can do so online, at a local retailer like a 7-Eleven or newsagent store.

Late-night services

As well as the normal services throughout the day, there are also late-night public transport services called NightLink.

These services run on Friday and Saturday nights between midnight and 5:00 am. They are available on both buses and trains and are accessible from most areas in the CBD.

You will also find FlatFare taxis at specified taxi ranks near public transport to help you get the rest of the way home.

How much it costs

The cost of Brisbane public transport is based on the distance you’re travelling. The further you go, the more it will cost.

There are free services which will take you around the city such as:

  • City Loop bus service: These buses run every 15 minutes between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm
  • CityHopper ferry service: The ferries run every 30 minutes between 6:00 am and midnight, 7 days a week

The most expensive fare is the airport line as this involves an extra fee. Getting to the airport on the train will generally cost between $19 to $30, depending on your departure location and where you’re travelling to.

Zones travelledGo Card fareSingle paper ticket fare

Now that you know everything about public transport options in Brisbane,  you can focus on other important details like organising utilities connections in your new home and unpacking your belongings.

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