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Your Guide to Public Transport in Hobart

Guide to public transport in Hobart

Everything you need to know about Hobart’s public transport

Australians are catching more and more public transport and it’s easy to see why.

  • Petrol has become more expensive
  • Fewer young people have decided to get drivers’ licences
  • Many folks have become more conscious of their impact on the environment

Hobartians might feel especially drawn to public transport, as their city is becoming especially congested and driving is harder then ever.

So, to help you navigate the city and its surrounds, we’ve put together this guide to public transport in Hobart.

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What public transport is available in Hobart?

In the last century there were many different kinds of public transport available in Hobart:

  • Ferries would take people across the river before the bridge
  • Trains would travel along underground tracks throughout the city
  • An extensive tram network was in operation until the 1960s

Those methods of public transport have stopped, and there aren’t immediate plans to start them up again. If you’re going to use public transport in Hobart today, you will need to stick out your hand and hail a bus.

What does public transport cost in Hobart?

There are a few different factors that affect how much a bus fare costs:

  • Payment method: You’ll pay a different amount for your ticket depending on how you pay. There are standard prices for people who pay in cash, but there are also lower prices for people who hold a Greencard—the Tasmanian equivalent of a MetrocardMyki or Opal.
  • Distance: The amount you’ll pay for an adult ticket will change depending on how far you’re travelling. Hobart is divided into geographic zones, and there are different rates for journeys within one zone, or that go from one zone to another, or that cover more than two zones. Concession and child/student fares, however, are the same across all zones.
  • Age/Concession: Adults pay one rate, with lower fares for concession card holders, and even less for children and students. An accompanied child under five years of age can ride free.

Parents take note: For children to qualify for free travel, they must be accompanied by a responsible adult and not be in a school uniform.

Where are the zones for Hobart’s public transport?

Public transport in Hobart

Hobart is divided into five different urban zones for public transport.

1) Central: As denoted by the name, this zone covers the central Hobart. As well as the CBD, it also encompasses areas like sandy Bay, Mount Nelson, Cascades, Goodwood and Lenah Valley. Across the water, places like Risdon Vale, Warranae, and Rosny Point are also within the zone.

2) Eastern: Locations like Tranmere, Howrah, Cambridge, Lauderdale and Seven Mile Beach. However, this zone stops before Sandford and Cremome, which are classified as non-urban.

3) Southern: On the other side of the water, the Southern Zone covers Fern Tree, Taroona, Kingston Beach and Huntingfield, but stops short of Margate.

4) Northern: The Northern Zone covers both sides of the river. It includes Otago, Rosetta, Chigwell, Claremont, and Bridgewater.

5) Brighton: The Brighton zone includes, you guessed it, Brighton! The zone is located north of the Northern Zone, and begins after the Cove Hill Fair stop.

Is there price capping Hobart’s busses?

If you’ve got a Greencard, prices do cap after a certain point on Hobart’s busses. In other words, there’s a maximum daily rate you can pay for bus tickets, and you won’t be charged for additional bus rides that day.

  • Weekday full-fare daily cap: $9.60 if the first boarding is before 9am, or $4.80 if it occurs after that
  • Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday full-fare daily cap: $4.80
  • Weekday adult concession daily cap: $5.80 if the first boarding is prior to 9am, or $3.10 if later in the day
  • Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday adult concession daily cap: $3.10
  • Child/student concession daily cap: $3.60, no matter what day of the week, or time of the first boarding

What do bus transfers cost in Hobart?

If you’ve invested in a Greencard, you can transfer between bus services for free—so long as the transfer occurs within an hour and a half of the first boarding.

Greencard allows you to transfer between services for free within 90 minutes of the first boarding.

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